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How does it work?

You upload a banner image with anything you want to use to promote your site and add your website with the logo and we take care of the rest! Once that is done you copy and pase the code that we give you to place on your site and you are done! We will display your add on other members site!

If I join, when will the new links for my website show up?

Instantly! As soon as you enter your website information into your account, a link to your website will show up on every one of our member's link pages.

How long does it take to setup an account?

Your account can be up and running in less than 2 minutes. There is no software to install, and configuration of your account is very easy. Simply enter your website address, a title and description of your website, and add a link to your homepage pointing to your links page. We provide you with a few lines of code to add to your links page.

How will joining help increase my website's search engine ranking?

Incoming links have recently gained increasing importance in determining the ranking of a website on the search engines. Simply optimizing your web pages for the search engines is not enough to get top search engine rankings any longer. All of the major search engines now view link popularity as a primary factor when determining the importance and popularity of a website.

How is your service different than other link exchange services?

Unlike other link exchange programs that are nothing more than link farms with pages full of links, we are an online directory of websites that is maintained by human editors. Our categorized index is fully searchable just like any search engine or directory. The main difference with our directory is that the listings in it are all linked to each other. Plus with our state of the art 'Approved' function in 'Manage My Partners' area you can set to allow a few links to your site per week as multiple links at a time will attract Search Engine attention to your site as being spammy and will not index those links.

How many web sites can I add to my account?

You can add as many websites as you would like. You may also add different banners for the same website.

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